PS Review

Ticket has been assigned to an agent and next steps are being determined.


Product Support has taken ownership of this ticket and is working toward a resolution.


Ticket is temporarily on hold until a specific action or a time sensitive event occurs.

Bug FiledA software issue was found and submitted to the ACME Developer team
Enhancement Request Filed
A product enhancement request was submitted and filed with the ACME Product team
Database Adjustment Request Filed
A request to make an adjustment to the ACME database has been submitted. 

Waiting on Customer

Customer has been contacted about the issue and ACME Product Support is awaiting a reply before proceeding.

Waiting on Third Party

A third-party vendor has been contacted about the issue and ACME Product Support is awaiting a reply before proceeding.

Project on HoldLonger term or complex projects may be placed on hold until client has sufficient bandwidth to complete work. 


The reported case or request has been completed by ACME. Resolved cases will be marked as closed after 48 business hours. 


Case has been closed


Once a ticket is marked as Resolved or Closed, A Resolution Code will be supplied by ACME Support:

Configuration Change Made: A change was made to the client’s tenant configuration to complete the request.

Request Submitted: A  request has been referred outside of Product Support to the appropriate department. The reporter will receive a follow up outside of this support case.

Request Withdrawn: A request has been withdrawn by the reporter.

Fix Deployed: A  change was deployed to Production by our Engineering team. This can include bug fixes, feature enhancements, and database adjustments. 

Agent Research Completed: A Support Agent has finished an investigation as requested. This can include a report analysis or a configuration review.

Investigation Completed: A member of our Engineering team has concluded a requested investigation. This can include database queries, log reviews, etc. 

Task Completed: Product Support has completed a general task as specified by the reporter.

Question Answered: Product Support has answered a question given by the reporter.

Training provided: A Support Agent has finished training the reporter on a particular component of the ACME platform.

Item(s) Orders/Shipped: The requested hardware or peripheral for the ACME platform has been ordered and shipped to the reporter.

Notification Acknowledged: ACME Product Support has acknowledged a communication or bulletin sent from the reporter for our information purposes only.

Data Push Completed: An agent completed a requested re-push of data from ACME to a 3rd party database.