PS Review

Ticket has been assigned to an agent and next steps are being determined.


Product Support has taken ownership of this ticket and is working toward a resolution.


Ticket is temporarily on hold until a specific action or a time sensitive event occurs.

Bug FiledA software issue was found and submitted to the ACMe Developer team
Enhancement Request Filed
A product enhancement request was submitted and filed with the ACME Product team
Database Adjustment Request Filed
A request to make an adjustment to the ACME database has been submitted. 

Waiting on Customer

Customer has been contacted about the issue and ACME Product Support is awaiting a reply before proceeding.

Waiting on Third Party

A third-party vendor has been contacted about the issue and ACME Product Support is awaiting a reply before proceeding.


The reported case or request has been completed by ACME. Resolved cases will be marked as closed after 48 business hours. 


Case has been closed


Once a ticket is marked as Resolved or Closed, A Resolution Code will be supplied by ACME Support:

Configuration Change Made: A change was made to the client’s tenant configuration to complete the request.

Request Submitted: A  request has been referred outside of Product Support to the appropriate department. The reporter will receive a follow up outside of this support case.

Request Withdrawn: A request has been withdrawn by the reporter.

Fix Deployed: A  change was deployed to Production by our Engineering team. This can include bug fixes, feature enhancements, and database adjustments. 

Agent Research Completed: A Support Agent has finished an investigation as requested. This can include a report analysis or a configuration review.

Investigation Completed: A member of our Engineering team has concluded a requested investigation. This can include database queries, log reviews, etc. 

Task Completed: Product Support has completed a general task as specified by the reporter.

Question Answered: Product Support has answered a question given by the reporter.

Training provided: A Support Agent has finished training the reporter on a particular component of the ACME platform.

Item(s) Orders/Shipped: The requested hardware or peripheral for the ACME platform has been ordered and shipped to the reporter.

Notification Acknowledged: ACME Product Support has acknowledged a communication or bulletin sent from the reporter for our information purposes only.

Data Push Completed: An agent completed a requested re-push of data from ACME to a 3rd party database.