When implementing an API integration, you may run into roadblocks, unexpected behavior, documentation gaps, or even bugs.  Have no fear, ACME Technical Support is available to help with troubleshooting, problem solving, or to act as a second set of eyes if you need us!

Reporting Issues

To help us diagnose and, if necessary, reproduce an issue you’d like some assistance with, please provide the following:

  • Venue name, tenant ID, and environment
  • Brief summary of the issue including what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Any error messages you’re seeing
  • Detailed information about the call you’re making:
    • Endpoint
    • Method
    • Headers
    • Payload
    • Response
    • Response Headers

Sample Issue Report:

Tenant: Flash Museum

TenantID: 100

Environment: Sand10

When I try to get a session, I’m getting the following error message:


    "message": "Could not find user: ??????????@?????????????.com",

    "errorCode": 1007,

    "type": "USER_DNE"


Endpoint: https://sand10-api.acmeticketing.net/v1/b2b/customer/session

Method: GET

Headers: x-acme-email: [my-email], x-acme-password: [my-password]

Payload: none

Reporting Issues via Email

API support can be contacted via email at api-help@acmeticketing.com.  This email is generally monitored from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET Monday - Friday and closed on weekends and holidays.