A person type is like 'Adult', 'Child', 'Senior' and is used for pricing.

List Person Types

GET /v1/b2b/price/person/types


  • types
    • 'normal':  (default)  return only non-group person types
    • all:  return all person types
    • group:  return only group person types
  • includeInactive
    • true if you want to include inactive person types with the active.
    • missing or false if you want to exclude inactive person types.



  • /v1/b2b/price/person/types
    • returns all active, non group person types
  • /v1/b2b/price/person/types?types=all
    • returns all active person types
  • /v1/b2b/price/person/types?types=group&includeInactive=true
    • returns all group person types, active and inactive.


  A JSON Array of Person Types

Get a Person Type

Gets the person type with the specified id.

GET /v1/b2b/price/person/types/{id}

Create a Person Type

Creates a person type from the JSON provided in the body.

POST /v1/b2b/price/person/types


The JSON for the resulting person type.

Update a Person Type

Updates a person type with the JSON provided in the body

PUT /v1/b2b/price/person/types

Delete a Person Type

Deletes the Person Type with the ID specified.

DELETE /v1/b2b/price/person/types/{id}


Combo Person Types

Person Type JSON fields

  • id: Read-Only The unique id associated with this person type.
  • name: The name of person type, like Adult or Child
  • description: A description of the person type like "18 and older"
  • active: true if the person type is still active, false otherwise.
  • type: either Group or Individual
  • displayOrder: The order that you want this type displayed in.  Numeric value, lower values are displayed first.
  • tag: tag associated with this person type.
  • children:  If this is a combo ticket then the children are the tickets that are delivered.  For instance  a Family Combo Ticket could contain two adult and 2 youth tickets.  So the children would be the id for the adult and a quantity of 2 and the id of the youth and a quantity of 2.
    • Note: Children must be leafs, can not have children.


PersonType JSON
  "id" "ID-123",
  "name" "Adult",
  "description" "18 and Above",
  "active" true,
  "type" "Group",
  "displayOrder" : 3,
  "children" : [
        "personTypeId" "id1",
        "quantity" : 2
        "personTypeId" "id2",
        "quantity" : 2