Get an Order

Get /v2/b2c/orders/{id}


  • id: the id of the order


An Order JSON object.

List orders

Get /v2/b2c/orders

Query String Parameters

One query string parameter is required.  This will return an empty list if no parameters is passed in.

  • email:  (Optional) the email address on the order.
  • phoneNumber: (Optional) the phone number on the order 


A list of Order JSON objects

List orders of an Event

Get /v2/b2c/orders/event/{eventId}


  • eventId:  The id of the event you want the list of orders for.


A list of Order Objects associated with the specified event.

Create an order

Post /v2/b2c/orders


An Order Object with the order information.

        The ID of the newly created order.

Update an order

Put /v2/b2c/orders/{id}


  • id:  the id of the order you are modifying.


An Order Object with the new order information


The resulting Order Object after the update is complete.

Delete an order

Delete /v2/b2c/orders/{id}


  • id:  the id of the order you are deleting.


the Order Object that was deleted.

Order Object

idThe unique ID of the order only
tenantIdThe id of the tenant the order was created for. 
accountIdThe id of the reseller that sold the order. 
visitorIdThe id of the visitor that bought the order.Visitor is an internal only field - ACME - do not use
tempVisitorIdThe temporary visitor id of the customer that bought the order.Visitor is an internal only field -  ACME - do not use
emailThe email address of the customer. 
contactFirstNameThe first name of the customer. 
contactLastNamethe last name of the customer. 
zipCodeThe zip code of the customer. 
phoneNumberThe phone number of the customer. 
orderNumberThe order number of the order. 
discountedTotalAmountThe total discounted amount for this order. 
saleChannelThe sale cannel used to place the order (online, pointOfSale, reseller, customerRep, manualEntry, insideSalesIndividual). 
checkInStatusThe check in status of the order (NotCheckedIn, CheckedIn, PartiallyCheckedIn) 
notesNotes about the order 
createdOnThe date the order was created. 
createdByThe id of the user that created the order. 
updatedOnThe date that the order was last modified. 
updatedByThe id of the user who last modified the order. 
ticketDeliveryHow the tickets will be delivered (print, willCall) 
ticketExpireDaysThe number of days that the ticket is valid for. 
hideEventDateWhether you want to hide dates on the tickets, default is false. 
legacySet to true for imported legacy orders from other systems, otherwise false. 
membershipIdThe membershipId used during order checkout. 
couponIdThe couponId used during checkout. 
ccLastFourDigitsThe last four digits of the card used during checkout. 
accountContactIdIf the order was placed by a reseller/account, the contact id of the account user. 
orderItemsList of items in the order, these are the components that make up the order.  Like tickets. 
orderItems[x].itemIdUnique id of the order only
orderItems[x].comboTemplateIdID of the combo that this item is part of. 
orderItems[x].comboTemplateNameName of the combo that this item is part of. 
orderItems[x].comboTemplateTypeType of combo that this item is part of (fixedPrice, discountCode). 
orderItems[x].eventIdThe id of the event that this order item is for. 
orderItems[x].eventNameThe name of the event. 
orderItems[x].eventStartTimeThe time that the event starts. 
orderItems[x].ticketingTypeIdThe id of the ticket type. 
orderItems[x].ticketingTypeNameThe name of the ticket type like 'Child', 'Adult'... 
orderItems[x].originalQuantityThe original number of items. 
orderItems[x].quantityThe current number of items. 
orderItems[x].discountIdThe id of the discount for this order item. 
orderItems[x].checkedInQuantityThe number of items that have checked in.  If there were five items total then any number 0 - 5 can be checked in. 
orderItems[x].unitPriceThe price for each item. 
orderItems[x].discountedUnitPriceThe discounted unit price. 
orderItems[x].discountedAmountThe amount of the discounted price of the items for the purchased quantity. 
orderItems[x].amountThe total amount (quantity X unit price) 
orderItems[x].checkInDateThe date that the visitors checked in. 
orderItems[x].itemTypeThe type of order item this is (event, inventory, comboEvent, comboInventory). 
orderItems[x].inventoryIdThe id of the inventory item, if this order item is an inventory item. 
orderItems[x].inventoryNameThe name of the inventory item (like 'Audio Guide') 
orderItems[x].ticketVosA list of the tickets for this order item. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].idId of the ticket. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].tenantIdId of the tenant. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].uuidA unique id for this ticket.  Note: if you are using this barcode to create a custom email with QR codes images, please make sure to use QR code model 2. ACME generated barcodes will have a prefix of "at" added.

For example:
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].checkInDateThe check in time for the ticket. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].firstNameFirst name of the customer. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].lastNameLast name of the customer. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].emailemail address of the customer. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].phoneNumberPhone number of the customer. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].ticketStatusThe ticket status one of (Normal, Rebook, Refund or Void). 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].printedtrue if the ticket has been printed already. 
orderItems[x].ticketVos[y].notesNotes associated with the ticket.