POST /v2/b2b/b2b/refunds


A Refund Input JSON Object


A Refund Result JSON Object

JSON Objects

Refund Input JSON Object

orderIdThe id of the order being refunded or partially refunded.
incidentReasonCodeThe reason for the refund, one of (Cancelled Event or Miscellaneous).
notesAny notes about the refund.
noEmailSet to true if you don't want to send the customer an email about the refund. Default is to send the refund email
refundItemsThe list of items being refunded.
refundItems[x].orderItemIdThe order item id of the item being refunded.
refundItems[x].quantityThe number of items being refunded.
refundItems[x].incidentReasonCodeThe reason for refunding this item, one of (Cancelled Event or Miscellaneous).

Refund Result JSON Object

incidentNumberA unique id representing this refund transaction.
refundAmountThe amount that was refunded.
orderThe resulting Order JSON Object after the refund.See Orders
refundedEventsA list of events refunded.
refundedEvents[x].startDateThe date that the event was to occur.
refundedEvents[x].startTimeThe start time of the event.
refundedEvents[x].eventNameThe name of the event.
refundedEvents[x].refundedItemsThe list of items being refunded for this event.
refundedEvents[x].refundedItems[y].ticketTypeThe name of the ticket type being refunded.
refundedEvents[x].refundedItems[y].pricePerTicketThe price per ticket.
refundedEvents[x].refundedItems[y].refundedCountThe number of tickets refunded.
refundedEvents[x].refundedItems[y].totalRefundedThe total amount refunded for this event, ticket type combination.