List Memberships

GET /v2/b2b/memberships


  • updatedStartTime: (optional) only return memberships updated after this start time.
  • updatedEndTime: (optional) only return memberships updated before this time.
  • program: (optional) only return memberships of this program type.
  • category: (optional) only return memberships of this category.
  • subCategory: (optional) only return memberships of this sub category.
  • updatedBy: (optional) only return memberships updated by this userId.


A list of Membership Objects

Get Membership

GET /v2/b2b/memberships/{id}


The Membership object with the specified membership id.

Update a Membership

PUT /v1/b2b/memberships


The updated Membership object, must contain the importId of the object being updated. This will update only the cardholder / demographic information. To delete a cardholder, set the cardStatus to "dropped"


The updated Membership object.

Membership Object

idA unique ID for this membership. Read Only 

The program for this membership.


Name of the membership (e.g. Individual, Dual, Family)

subcategoryA sub category for this membership.
levelA numeric level for this category
importIdA unique value that does not change.

The specific financial purposes of gifts. Read Only

campaignThe overall objective to raise money. Read Only

The solicitations and promotions that bring in gifts. Read Only

externalMembershipIdThe id of the membership in an external data source, typically the CRM system
membershipJoinedDateThe date of the membership acquisition


The date the current membership term began.
membershipExpirationDateThe date the current membership term will expire.
membershipStandingThe standing of the membership (active, lapsed)
membershipCategoryMembership Level Name
categoryIdMembership Level Id
externalIdID from external source (such as the CRM system)
membershipTypeIdA linking back to our membership_types table with the type of membership.
cardholdersThe list of cardholders for this membership.
cardholders[x].idMembership Card Holder ID
cardholders[x].visitorIdn/a - ACME internal only field - do not use
cardholders[x].membershipIdMaps to id from the membership table.
cardholders[x].externalCustomerIdCustomer ID from external source (e.g. CRM system)
cardholders[x].externalContactIdContact ID from external source (e.g. CRM system) 
cardholders[x].constituentImportIdThe import id for the constituent.
cardholders[x].cardImportIdThe import id for this card.
cardholders[x].cardTypeThe type of card holder, one of (primary or other)
cardholders[x].nameThe name on the card.
cardholders[x].barcodeThe value on the barcode.
cardholders[x].acmeBarcodeACME's barcode for the cardholder
cardholders[x].emailThe member's email address.
cardholders[x].prefixThe prefix for the name. e.g. Mr. or Mrs.
cardholders[x].suffixThe suffix for the name. e.g. Jr.
cardholders[x].firstNameThe member's first name.
cardholders[x].lastNameThe member's last name.
cardholders[x].orgNamethe name of the organization when this membership is an organization membership.
cardholders[x].phoneNumberThe member's phone number.
cardholders[x].streetAddress1The member's street address.
cardholders[x].streetAddress2The member's extended street address.
cardholders[x].cityThe member's city.
cardholders[x].stateThe member's state.
cardholders[x].zipCodeThe member's zipCode.
cardholders[x].countryThe country that the member lives in.
cardholders[x].orgNameOrganization Name
cardholders[x].orgIdOrganization ID
cardholders[x].deceasedBoolean value to denote deceased
cardholders[x].primaryCardBoolean value to denote the card is the primary
cardholders[x].solicitationCodesList of Solicitation messages for the members
cardholders[x].cardHolderAttributes[y].membershipIdMembership ID
cardholders[x].cardHolderAttributes[y].cardHolderIdMembership Card Holder ID
cardholders[x].cardHolderAttributes[y].categoryMembership Category
cardholders[x].cardHolderAttributes[y].dateMembership Joined Date
cardholders[x].startDateMembership start date
cardholders[x].expirationDateMembership expiration date
cardholders[x].cardStatusLimit events to those that support the specified card status. Valid card status are:
  • new
  • active
  • dropped 
  • lapsed
  • noMembership
  • replaced
cardholders[x].printCountTotal Membership card printed
cardholders[x].printStatusLimit events to those that support the specified print status. Valid print status are:
  • printed
  • notPrinted
  • doNotPrint
  • lost

cardholders[x].orgImportIdorganization ID from import
cardholders[x].middleNamecardholder's middle name
cardholders[x].acmeCustomerNumberUnique ACME customer number
cardholders[x].excludeCardOnMemberCreationboolean value to exclude card while member creation
entitlementsList of entitlements. Fields is only populated if entitlements were imported with the membership
entitlements[x].idUnique ID for this entitlement. (READ ONLY)
entitlements[x].benefitThe name of the benefit.
entitlements[x].memberIdMembership ID
entitlements[x].visitorIdn/a. ACME internal only field - do not use
entitlements[x].countThe number of these benefits the member has.
entitlements[x].importIdThe import id for this entitlement.
entitlements[x].commentA comment about the benefit.
offeringIdMembership Offering ID
pricePointIdPrice Point ID for the membership purchase
organizationIdOrganization Id
organizationNameOrganization Name
isGiftboolean to denote the membership purchase is a gift
auxiliaryMembershipboolean to denote auxiliary membership
membershipLevelCollectionIdMembership Level Group ID
membershipLevelCollectionNameMembership Level Group Name
offeringNameMembership Offering ID
updatedOnUpdated on date
updatedByUser id that last updated the record, matching the users the tenant has.  Will show the ACME system user (340) in the case the operation was done by ACME (ie - changing the standing from active to lapsed)

Sample JSON

Sample JSON
  "id": 746356,
  "membershipTypeId": 616,
  "cardholders": [
      "id": 1146954,
      "membershipId": 746356,
      "name""Vanor Zhang",
      "streetAddress1""46380 Sentinel",
      "country""United States",
      "printCount": 0,
      "id": 1146955,
      "membershipId": 746356,
      "name""Guest of Vanor Zhang",
      "printCount": 0,
  "entitlements": [
  "membershipCategory""Golden Membership Test",
  "offeringName""Two Year Membership",

  "updatedOn": "2017-06-23T00:00:00-07:00",

  "updatedBy": 123,