POST /v2/b2b/checkout/kiosk


Content-Type: application/json

x-acme-session: valid acme session
x-acme-request-uuid: a unique identifier to help prevent duplicate transactions (optional)


A Checkout Input JSON Object with shopping cart


A WillCall Order Detail object describing the order, order items, and tickets arranged by event

Checkout JSON Objects

Checkout Input JSON Object

emailEmail address of the customer.optional
phoneNumberPhone number of the customer.optional
contactFirstNameFirst name of the customer.optional
contactLastNameLast name of the customer.optional
zipCodeZip code of the customer.optional
acmeTokenFirst 6 digits and last 4 digits of the credit card.required for cc
paymentProcessorTokenToken received from the payment processor.not used
paymentProcessorFingerPrintFinger Print received from the payment processor.not used
ccLastFourDigitsLast four digits of the credit cardrequired for cc
creditCardBrandType of credit card. One of Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover or Jcbnot used
giftCardNumberThe gift card number used to make the ordernot used
notesNotes about the orderoptional
shoppingCartThe shopping cart object with the items to be purchased.required
shoppingCart.idIf it's an existing shopping cart then the id of the cart.not used
shoppingCart.tempVisitorIdn/anot used. Visitor is an internal only field - ACME - do not use
shoppingCart.visitorIdn/anot used. Visitor is an internal only field - ACME - do not use
shoppingCart.itemsA list of items in the shopping cartrequired
shoppingCart.items[x].itemIdA unique id for this item.Read Only
shoppingCart.items[x].eventIdEvent id of the item.required
shoppingCart.items[x].ticketingTypeIdType of ticket.required
shoppingCart.items[x].eventNameThe name of the event.optional
shoppingCart.items[x].quantityThe number of these items in the shopping cart.Required
shoppingCart.items[x].unitPriceThe price for each item in the shopping cart.Read Only
shoppingCart.items[x].amountThe total amount (quantity X unit price)Read Only
shoppingCart.items[x].itemTypeThe type of item, one of Event, Inventory, ComboEvent, ComboInventoryrequired
shoppingCart.items[x].inventoryIdIf this item is not an event then this is the inventory id of the item.required for inventory
shoppingCart.items[x].inventoryNameName of the item, if it's not an event.optional
shoppingCart.comboItemsA list of combo items in the cart.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].itemIdThe inventory item id, if this is an inventory item.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].comboTemplateIdThe combo template id associated with this combo item.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].comboTemplateNamethe name of the combo template.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].comboTemplateTypeEither fixedPrice or Discount depending on the type combo template.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].ticketsThe list of tickets for this combo item.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].eventTemplateIdThe event template associated with this ticket.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].ticketTypeIdThe id for the type of ticket.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].nameThe name on the ticket.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].descriptionA description of what the ticket is for.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].priceThe retail price of the ticket.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].discountedPriceThe price after discounts for resellers are applied to the retail price.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].quantityThe number of tickets.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].subTotalThe subtotal of the retail price of the tickets for the purchased quantitynot used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].tickets[y].discountedSubTotalThe subtotal of the discounted price of the tickets for the purchased quantitynot used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].eventsA list of events in the shopping cart.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].events[y].eventTemplateIdThe id of the event template for this event.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].events[y].eventIdThe id of the event.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].events[y].eventNameThe name of the event.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].events[y].eventStartTimeThe start time of the event.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].addOnsThe list of add ons in this combo item.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].addOns[y].addOnIdThe id of the add-on .not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].addOns[y].nameThe name of the add on.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].addOns[y].quantityThe number of items of this add on in the shopping cart.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].addOns[y].unitPriceThe price of these items.not used
shoppingCart.comboItems[x].addOns[y].priceSplitEither 'each' or 'total'. If each then the price will be quantity * unitPrice, if total the price will be unitPrice.not used
encTrack1MTSCRA getTrack1required for cc
encTrack2MTSCRA getTrack2required for cc
encmpMTSCRA getMagnePrintrequired for cc
ksnMTSCRA getKSNrequired for cc
devSNMTSCRA getDeviceSerialrequired for cc
mpStatusMTSCRA getMagnePrintStatusrequired for cc
magtekCardType1required for cc
encryptionBlockType1required for cc
expDateexpiration date in a mmyy format (no separators)required for cc
chargeAmountthe charge amountrequired
uuida unique identifier to help prevent duplicate transactions (does not have to be a uuid per se)required
accountIdan account id if it's an account/voucher purchaserequired for account purchase
paymentIdthe voucher or check number in a voucher or check transactionrequired for voucher or check
not used
terminalIda valid kiosk terminal idrequired
paymentMethoda list of payment types. In practice, there will only be one for now. The options are "Cash", "Credit Card", "Voucher", or "Check"