If your venue is being impacted by COVID-19 and you needs to cancel individual events or close on larger scale, you have a few options for handling this is ACME.

Stopping Online Sales:

  1. Remove links from your main website to the B2C page if you need to stop online sales. This will make it much harder for guests to get to the eCommerce page.

  2. Modify the sales channels on any active schedules to turn B2C off, save, and publish. This will prevent future sales on the eCommerce page for those events.

Canceling Events:

Follow the procedure for Canceling an Event in ACME Back Office for upcoming events that people have already purchased tickets to. This will cancel the event and prevent others from purchasing additional tickets, as well as give you the option to email and notify people who had already purchased tickets to that event. Orders will not be automatically refunded, allowing you to rebook or refund as needed, on a case by case basis.

Once an event has been cancelled, it will no longer appear on the Events List under Active events. Use the status field on the top left of the list to switch the view to show Canceled events.

Refunding Orders:

If you are on the Express platform to process payments, you may encounter an "Invalid Account" error when attempting a refund. This occurs when attempting to refund an order placed more than 45 days ago. If this occurs, please contact ACME as outlined here for assistance. Please batch refund requests and submit them in groups wherever possible, for the most efficient processing.

In general, if you are using EMV credit card readers, you are on Express; if you are using MagTek credit card readers, you are on Vantiv Litle. To confirm this, someone with Admin permissions can check in Back Office by going to Settings>Administration>Payment. If the processor is set to Express, you are using the Express platform.