The Worldpay Address Verification System (AVS) is a security feature of the payment processing platform. This strictly checks the address data input by a guest during checkout against what the bank has on file for that cardholder.  AVS errors can occur if the address entered online is formatted differently from thee bank, such as an address suffix being spelled differently, or an apartment unit is listed on line 1 instead of line 2, etc.

ACME has a setting that sets how strict the address check is for orders placed online vs orders placed in the Back Office. Generally, the AVS setting is more strict for online orders than for Back Office orders, since online orders are more susceptible to fraud. Please note that requesting to loosen the AVS setting for online orders will make it easier for customers to buy online but it could also open up the potential for fraud. 

If you are experiencing repeated reports of address verification issues for online orders, please contact ACME Product Support so we can assess and update your AVS settings as needed.