For third-party resellers booking tickets from an attraction's inventory in ACME, this guide is a summary of the endpoints needed to code to an external booking platform. Resellers can obtain real-time ticket inventory for events, hold tickets for up to 10 minutes, and complete checkout. All reseller orders should be associated with a unique Organization per ACME tenant, and the sales channel is "Reseller". Tickets are issued with ACME QR codes and the guest can go directly to the Access Control checkpoint upon arrival.



  1. Agreement is established between the venue and the reseller.
  2. Venue requests API key for reseller. (see: Requesting an API key). API keys are unique per environment and venue.
  3. Venue provides configuration details to reseller developer team:

Inventory Check

Check for the list of time slots per day per event template to display for choices for the ticket buyer on the your portal. See Get Event Instances to learn more about getting event and ticket type data.

Note: you need to make sure to add the timezone offset if you are looking for a specific time.  (i.e. -3:00 so it shows the time for the tenant timezone)

Reserve Inventory

To use our reservations feature during the checkout flow.  We hold the tickets for approximately 10 mins.  (We recommend holding for less if you neto implement a countdown clock on your site)

Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart to build an order if needed.


Book an order and have it associated the correct organization and sale channel (reseller).  

Note:  This books the order right away and would be your final step. The organization ID, Event template ID(s), and Ticket Type IDs will be supplied by the venue.

Ticket Details

In order to build a confirmation email, grab the ticket UUID from the Order Details endpoint and make sure to add the following metadata fields to build the QR code.  This is important as it will allow ACME to recognize the ticket as our own for validations and have the event data show on the access control device upon scan. 

{"ver":2,"uuid":"xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx"} for ex. {"ver":2,"uuid":"at1231b2-987au8435665d3110d-987662e4"}

Also, please make sure to use QR code model 2