• ACME Product Support will be operating on limited hours on Monday, January 18 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday. As always, the Support portal will be accessible 24/7 and if there is a system emergency or escalation, the team is on standby to resolve.
  • On March 16th, all versions of ACME Sales and ACME AC prior to 11.7.0 will no longer be supported. Click here for a refresher on how to update your ACME applications.
  • Planned Sandbox Refresh Schedule 
    • Sandbox 10 was recently refreshed on 12/08/2020. The next refresh will be 02/02/2021.
    • Sandbox 15 was recently refreshed on 11/10/2020. The next refresh will be 03/16/2021.

ACME Product Release Information

Coming Soon! 11.9 Release - January 26, 2021


  • An option to hide the ADD MORE button on the eCommerce cart page.
    • For clients who deep-link to specific events this is a very useful option. The intention is to remove a potential distraction from guests and increase sale completions!
  • Improved connectivity between the Ingenico EMV credit card reader and the ACME Sales POS app. 
    • Under certain situations the ACME Sales POS app would crash due to communication issues with the EMV credit card reader. This is resolved in 11.9.0
  • Compatibility with Stripe payment processing for clients in North America
    • This new payment processor will now be available for clients in North America! This payment platform will allow us to continue to develop exciting new ACME features in the future, such as subscriptions for Auto-Renew and other recurring payments, while offering our clients lower hardware costs, no refund time limit, and global support across major international markets.

Museum Anywhere Integration

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Museum Anywhere and their flagship digital membership card product! Through an API integration, Museum Anywhere can pull membership data directly from ACME and surface it in the form of a digital membership card for your members to readily access on their phone. The eMembership card can be added to a digital wallet, remind members when they are due for renewal, and is always up to date with the latest membership info from ACME.

This solution has already been implemented at the Children's Museum of Manhattan and Oklahoma City Zoo, and we are also in active talks to expand the integration possibilities to include member tickets as well as non-member tickets to admission and other events.

See a two minute video on eMembership Card here. Contact us today if you are interested in implementing this solution!

Ingresso Integration

Did you know that ACME has an integration with Ingresso? As venues look to expand sales channels, Ingresso is one way to source ticket sales through its many distribution partners, such as Google, Expedia, Tiqets, and more. Pre COVID-19, when a ticket was sold through these partners, your visitors would arrive with a voucher and exchange it at the Point of Sale for a ticket. This often resulted in manual reconciliation and a longer line on your busier days. Today, we need to consider a few things:

  • Limited capacity reduces the flexibility for walk-up sales
  • Visitors are now strongly encouraged to book in advance for a time slot, and
  • Who wants to exchange a paper voucher?!

Ingresso has coded an API integration with ACME to send Ingresso-sourced orders directly into your ACME database. These sales will pull from your active inventory, so no one will be turned away on arrival when you are sold out. Guests will arrive at your venue with a valid ACME QR code, which can be scanned on your ACME Access Control app to check in.

Here are some helpful tips from Kyle Wilbert, from the Museum of Arts & Design in New York:

  • Use the Ingresso Integration Setup Guide documentation to setup an API user, setup RBAC permissions, gather event and ticket type IDs, and document it all in one document. Then you'll have everything on hand when the Ingresso team asks for these details.
  • Give yourself a little more time than usual to setup a deal (with Groupon, Travelzoo, etc.) as they will need to write the contract to specify how the deal will be executed and then those details will need to be passed on to Ingresso to setup the integration.

"Like every new tech-based process we're executing in response to COVID, it will take a little more time up front to setup correctly but will save time and allow revenue to come in more easily later, especially as more people get vaccinated and demand begins to rise again. This solution will scale with growth without requiring more staff."

Kyle Wilbert, Visitor Experience Manager
Museum of Arts and Design

If you are interested in implementing this integration, please contact us to get started! You will need to have an agreement with Ingresso in place to activate this solution.

January Tips & Tricks

Reactivating your Point of Sale terminals before reopening

In anticipation of more locations reopening, the Client Services team has put together a list of helpful reminders and tips to ensure a smooth reopening process.

  1. Charge devices needed for reopening day 1
    • It may seem like such a small item but sometimes small items fall through the cracks when there are so many things on the to-do list! Make sure your iPads, iPods, and any peripheral devices are charged and ready to go.
  2. Update the iOS of Apple devices to the most recent version
    • The most current version of the ACME Sales App and ACME AC App are ready to go for the newest iOS version.
    • If you are unfamiliar, click here for how to update the iOS.
  3. Make sure the iPads and iPods are in Light Mode
  4. Update the ACME Sales App on iPads and the ACME AC App on iPods
    • We've introduced a number of improvements to the Sales App, especially with regard to the connectivity to the EMV credit card readers.
    • Plus, it's always recommended to be on the latest version of the ACME apps whenever possible. Click here for a refresher on how to update the ACME Apps.
  5. Test terminal connectivity for each station
    • If your stations have been powered down for an extended period of time, you'll want to ensure that the right devices are still talking to each other before you open your doors. 
      • If your sales terminals are configured to test connected hardware on login, this is as easy as logging in to the app and making sure everything that should be connected responds (test receipt and/or tickets print, and a cash drawer kicks, if connected).
      • If you don't have the app set to automatically test on login, go through the configuration menu on the app and trigger tests for the connected devices to ensure everything is working properly.
    • Check that the expected terminal ID has been set for each station and review settings that you might want to update, like if receipts and signature slips should print automatically or only on demand.
    • See Hardware Support for more details on connecting and troubleshooting your peripheral devices.

Price List Best Practices 

As you plan new events or changes to pricing for the upcoming year, make sure you follow these ACME best practices for setting up your Price Lists and Events. 

Best Practices

  • We recommend creating your price lists with the correct prices, descriptions, and sales channels exactly as it will be used in the master price list area (Pricing > Price Lists).
  • When using that Price List for events, do not make edits at the template or schedule level. 
  • Benefit: When used in this way, any edits later made to the master price list will automatically flow to all event templates, schedules, and individual instances using that Price List, without any further modification to templates or republishing needed.
    • If price list edits are made at the template or schedule level, then any future updates that are made to the master price list will not flow down to that event.


  • If you have made an update to an existing price list and the change doesn't appear on an event, this indicates that at some point in the past, the price list was edited and is no longer receiving the updates. 
  • You can fix this with the method outlined in the Working with Price Lists guide.

Do you have an ACME tip to share with the community? Post it on our new Tips & Tricks Community Forum!

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