ACME with Stripe

With the release of 11.9, ACME now supports Stripe for clients in North America. 

  • A refund can be processed after an unlimited number of days post-sale.
  • A custom splash screen on credit card processors to match your venue's brand.
  • Lower hardware cost for credit card readers.
  • Global support across major international markets.

Additionally, we will be building much of our future platform on top of Stripe's APIs, such as subscriptions for Auto-Renew and other recurring payments. Stripe also brings with it other benefits which we will be incorporating into our platform in the future: new methods of payment, optimized checkout modules online, and more.  

If you are interested in switching to Stripe, please read on for more information about that transition.

Hardware supported by Stripe

For Venues Operating in the United States and Canada

For Venues Operating in New Zealand

ACME has plans to support additional devices in the future as they become available.

Cards supported by Stripe

Stripe can process Card Not Present (CNP) transactions via eCommerce, Back Office, ACME POS, and Card Present (CP) and Contactless transactions via ACME POS with supported hardware.

For Venues Operating in the United States

  • Visa/Mastercard (CNP + CP)
  • AMEX (CNP + CP)
  • Discover/Diners (CNP + CP)
  • China UnionPay (CNP + CP)
  • JCB (CNP + CP)

For Venues Operating in Canada

  • Visa/Mastercard (CNP + CP)
  • AMEX (CNP + CP)
  • Discover/Diners (CP)
  • JCB (CNP)

For Venues Operating in New Zealand

  • Visa/Mastercard (CNP + CP)
  • AMEX (CNP + CP)
  • JCB (CNP)
  • Other cards such as NZ EFTPOS that run on major network rails (eg Visa/Mastercard) will also be accepted


How do I get new hardware that works with Stripe?

Before ordering hardware, you will need to contact ACME Product Support complete a Stripe account application. Hardware will need to be ordered via ACME, and will be invoiced upon delivery. Please email to submit a hardware order request, and include the following:

  • Number of units needed
  • Shipping Name and Address
  • Please indicate if rush shipping is desired

An estimate will be returned for your authorization before the order can be placed. The Verifone p400 starts at $300 USD before shipping and handling fees.

Does Stripe have a limited period for refunds?

No. Unlike the 45 day refund limit on the Worldpay Express platform, payments processed via Stripe can be refunded at any time. Like with Worldpay, this is based on the token captured at the time of initial payment, and refunds can only be issued to the original card used.

How do I refund orders taken prior to the cutover?

Orders placed using Worldpay will be refunded via Worldpay. Refunding these orders will be possible using the normal process in ACME. If the order was placed using Worldpay Express, then any refunds needed after 45 days would follow the established refund request process with ACME Product Support.

Is there a limit on how many times the same credit card can be charged in one business day?

Stripe and ACME will allow the same card to be used for the same transaction amounts multiple times in the same day; however, the customer's bank or card issuer may have their own duplicate charge prevention rules that may generate a decline code in some cases. Additionally, ACME may put a temporary block on some card numbers if they are declined too many times in rapid succession, as this is a common indicator of fraudulent behavior. 

How can I manually process a credit card in ACME Sales while using Stripe?

In the event that a card is not present or can't be read at the Point of Sale, a card number can be manually entered on the Checkout screen in the ACME Sales application. The auxiliary card reader will not be needed for manual entry. 

How does Stripe validate billing addresses?

Stripe will be validating postal codes as a part of the address verification checks. If the issuing bank declines a card because of an invalid postal code, the card will be declined at checkout.

Can I queue CC payments if my terminal is offline?

Stripe does not currently support queueing payments if a terminal is offline. On Stripe, ACME will still be able to queue orders with cash, check, or voucher payments in Offline Mode. Once Stripe adds this ability, ACME plans to support it.