Issue: ACME returned a server issue error periodically in Order Management when attempting to check-in tickets or open orders in some cases. "Server Error: ACME appears to be having difficulties. Please try again". In ACME Backoffice, when attempting to view an order, a 500 error "could not retrieve" may have been encountered.

Impact: Users unable to check-in tickets through Order Management or view orders in backoffice. Transaction processing workflows were not impacted.

Update Log - 3.24.2021:

4:07 PM PT: Issue reported to ACME Support and escalated to Engineering team to investigate. Work began immediately to diagnose and resolve.

5:02 PM PT: ACME Engineering completed a build to address the issue and began rollout of the fix.

5:16 PM PT: Issue resolved.

Root Cause and Resolution: This issue was related to a hotfix that we deployed to production which impacted some orders. The issue was promptly found and resolved with a second deployment to production.