ACME Payments documentation is a draft & work in progress.  Updates may be published periodically.  



Authorization of a Token

This API is used in order to perform a sale using the authorize/capture flow.  If successful it will put a hold for the specified amount on the credit card associated to the provided token.

This API depends on having a Token.

Once you have an authorization, you can use the Capture API to complete the sale or you can use the Void API in order to cancel the authorization.  

POST v1/payment/{mid}/auth

Request Parameters

The merchant id of the seller performing the authorization

Request Body

Include a AuthorizationRequest object as the body of the request.

Sample Request



Returns an AuthorizationResponse object. 

AuthorizationRequest Object

tokenstringToken that you want the authorization on.  This can be either a single or multi use token.Required
chargeCharge ObjectThe charge object with the amount filled inAmount Required

AuthorizationResponse Object

authorizationIdstringThe authorization id used to complete an auth/capture flow.  This is the ACME authorization and not the underlying processor authorization

Sample Request Body

  "token": "123-456-7890",
  "charge" : {
     "amount": 5000

Sample Response Body

  "authorizationId": "abc-123"