ACME Payments documentation is a draft & work in progress.  Updates may be published periodically. 



Retrieving a Payment Method by External Customer ID

Note: You will not receive the PAN back as part of the payload.

GET v1/payment/{mid}/customer/{customerId}/paymentmethods

Request Parameters

The external customerID in the URL of the request. The external customer ID was submitted during the multi-use token generation process

The merchant id of the seller that the customer is associated to.

Sample Request



Returns a list of PaymentMethod objects.

Updating a Payment Method

Update the expiration date, zip code, cvc and/or external customer id on a payment method.  You must provide the id of the payment method.  

PUT v1/payment/{mid}/paymentmethods

Request Parameters

The merchant id that the payment method being updated to is associated to.

Request Body

Include a PaymentMethod object as the body of the request.

Sample Request



Returns the resulting PaymentMethod object.

Deleting a Payment Method

Deletes a payment method and invalidates all tokens and authorizations associated with it. 

DELETE v1/payment/{mid}/paymentmethods/{paymentMethodId}

Request Parameters

The merchant id that the payment method is associated with.

The paymentMethodId of the payment method to be deleted in the URL of the request. 

Sample Request



Returns the deleted payment method object.

PaymentMethod Object

The payment method is used to set up tokens.  ACME doesn’t store most of the information provided.

NameTypeDescriptionRequired for Update
idnumberA unique identifier for this payment methodRequired
customerIdnumberACME’s internal customer id.  This field will only be populated for multi use tokens.Read only
externalCustomerIdstringWhen you are generating a multi use token then you can pass in an external customer id that you want the payment method to be associated with.  This is generally your customer id and can be used to reference the payment method in the future. Ignored if generating a single use tokenOptional
typestringThe type of payment method.  Either ‘single’ or ‘multiple’.  Default is ‘single’.Read only
paymentMethodTypestringThe type of payment method, currently only support 'card' as the payment method type.Read only
cardCard ObjectThe card information.  Used to create the payment method during token generation. Optional: expiration Date only

Sample Request Body

  "id" : "888",
  "externalCustomerId": "abc",
  "card": {
    "expirationDate" : {
      "month" : 9,
      "year" : 2025
    "cvc" : 999,
    "zip": "56789"

Sample Response Body

      "id" : 888,
      "type": "multiple",
      "paymentMethodType": "card",
      "externalCustomerId": "123",
      "card": {
        "expirationDate" : {
          "month" : 8,
          "year" : 2023
        "cvc" : 888,
        "zip": "12345"