ACME Payments documentation is a draft & work in progress.  Updates may be published periodically.  


This is a generic infrastructure that we are starting to deploy via the Seller onboarding notification events.  More to come as we expand into checkout related events for key use cases such as subscriptions.

Add a Webhook for a Seller

This is a feature that is currently being evaluated for MVP. If automation is needed to flag a seller as being ready to process payments, it then needs to be called with a corresponding endpoint on the target application.

We will post to the URL supplied endpoint for each seller with the following JSON 

  "mid" : "4816",
  "name": "Computer Network/Information Services"

as well as an HTTP request header  acme_webhook_signature which is the secret key given to you in advance for all of your sellers. 

Put v1/seller/{mid}/webhooks

Sample Request Body