Issue: Users or customers may present order confirmations that are missing the QR code for their ticket(s)

Google and Apple have recently made some changes with their email applications to increase security and privacy. These email service providers will now route all emails through a proxy server before sending the email to the consumer. In some cases, the QR codes may not initially load after being passed through these servers.

Apple Mail: If the QR codes did not load immediately when opening the email, ask the customer to select the "Load all Images/Content" button. This is usually right at the top of the screen.

Google Mail: Customers may notice that a QR code is missing. Typically this happens on larger orders with numerous tickets. We recommend opening the Order in ACME and manually checking in any tickets that did not load a QR code. This can be done in ACME Sales or ACME AC when viewing an order. Note that even if the QR code fails to load, the ticket number is still visible.