11.23.0 Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday November 15th, 2022

Platforms: Backoffice (B2B), eCommerce (B2C), ACME Sales (POS), Salesforce

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Test Environments: Sandbox 10 and POS-Sandbox 11.23.0 


Worldpay | New Card Reader - Link/2500

With the 11.23.0 version of POS, we now support the Ingenico Link/2500 credit card reader for those using Worldpay as the underlying processor. It connects via WiFi and accepts swipe, insert, and contactless payments. 

The Link/2500 brings mobility for taking payments. The device is also Bluetooth capable, which we plan to add support for in a later release. If you would like to purchase the Link/2500, please contact us.

POS | Standard Header

Have you ever found yourself using ACME Sales and wondering...

  • "Is my WiFi signal strong enough?"
  • "How much battery do I have left?" 

If so, you aren't alone! With the 11.23.0 build, you can now see both of these with the standard iOS header throughout ACME Sales. And remember, keep those iPads charged and the connectivity signal strong!

B2C | Ticket Selection

After selecting tickets, we now save this selection when a visitor clicks on any link in the top navigation bar (e.g. "My Membership") or on the header logo. This way when when they return to the cart, their selections are remembered.

B2B | Membership List

The Backoffice Membership page has gotten a makeover to improve loading performance! When loading the page, you will now see a search bar instead of waiting for a large list of memberships to load. Users will be able to search by Name, Email, Phone Number, Membership ID, External Customer ID, Acme Customer ID, or Barcode ID to locate a membership.

We are continuing to work on additional improvements to the Membership Search to establish parity with the ACME Sales (POS) search functionality. Stay tuned!

B2B | Organization Creation

When creating a new Organization and selecting "Same as organization address" for the primary contact, the address actually will save. Finally!

B2B | Usability

Small adjustment to some numeric input fields containing a leading 0 when typing (e.g. '08'). These fields have been improved to only allow digits and on selection, highlight the current value so you can more easily type in the desired value without a leading 0.


B2C | Card Velocity Checks

As part of the ACME native fraud shield, we measure the number of card declines within a time duration and temporarily block cards that decline too often. The average visitor should never run into this issue, but it could happen in cases where they are struggling to type their billing information in correctly. If too many failed attempts to checkout trigger our card velocity check, we will display the following message: "This credit card has failed too many times. Please use a different card." As this block is temporary, if the visitor does call with questions, you can let them know they can try the same card again after waiting a few minutes, or use a different card. If staff assist with placing the order in Backoffice and also get an error, we recommend attempting a different card.

B2C | Combos Performance

We noticed the Combo Details page on our eCommerce sites were quite slow to load, often taking over 5 seconds. This page is seen when a visitor taps "Learn More" or when you deep link to the page. This page should now load in under a second for visitors.

B2B | Membership Offering Price Point

To simplify our data model and prep for more complex auto-renew cases, each offering will now be limited to a single price point. We've removed the ability to offer multiple price points per offering. This should have zero impact, as we confirmed multiple price points were not actively in use in our system. 

As a benefit, the design for configuring the price of an offering has been improved to allow you to see the price directly on the offering details tab and save clicks when adding or editing the price.

B2B | Event Template Order Notification Email

As a continuation of recent work to improve the performance and deliverability of the Order Notification email, we have updated the Event Template Configuration to allow up to a maximum of five emails. These can be individual emails or distribution lists, so that you still can notify people as needed.

POS | Checkout Hardening

We are aware of some rare scenarios where Orders are created via ACME Sales with something unexpected for the payment. For example: An order created without a payment, or the payment is for a different amount than shown on the order. While this does not happen often, it is a top priority to fix. We have not been able to reproduce these issues, so we have added some light-weight logging that will help us further investigate and determine what steps are taken to result in the issues so that we can fix them.

Bug Fixes

POS | Order Management

When taking payment in order management, the credit card reader is selected by default, as that is the most common payment method. We uncovered an issue where the Ingenico card readers would not stop prompting if you switched to a different payment method (e.g. Cash). This is now resolved.

B2C | Checkout with Membership Renewal

Previously, when renewing a membership at a level that allows for >1 cardholder, if the secondary cardholder field is exposed online but not filled in, we generated an empty membership card with only a barcode. This issue has been fixed so now if the secondary cardholder fields are exposed but not filled in, an error will be thrown and the user will be required to either a) fill in the secondary cardholder details or b) remove the secondary cardholder from the membership.

B2C | Member Verification when Lapsed

We uncovered an issue that only affected lapsed members. Once they verified, if they select an event from the Events List, they were prompted to verify again. This has been resolved and once lapsed members are verified, they will be able to add events to their cart without going through the verification step again.

B2C | Checkout with Member Only Event

  • We fixed a bug where if a Member-Only event was set up as an upsell for a non-member event, the customer could add it to their cart and proceed until the final checkout step before getting blocked due to not being verified as a member. Now, when a member-only event is displayed as an upsell, the customer is immediately informed that they need to verify as a member (if they have not already) when adding the member-only event to the cart.

  • We also fixed a bug that was triggered when a guest who did not have a valid membership attempted to add a members-only event to their cart. The ticket selections for the members-only event would flash on the screen before showing the "Required: You don't have the membership required to purchase this event..." message. Now, guests will see the message immediately instead of briefly seeing the ticket selections first. 

B2C | Upsells

We discovered in testing that the "Learn More" and (if applicable) "Verify your membership" links were not clickable from an upsell event displayed in the cart. These are both now working as expected.

B2C | Combo Events

In recent testing for Combo Events, we noticed that if the visitor added to their cart more tickets than available, we displayed messaging so they would know, but we still allowed them to tap Place Order and continue to checkout. Only once they entered their payment information and tried to complete checkout did we stop them. We've improved this experience for visitors to save them time and be consistent with regular Events. Now the Place Order button is disabled if they have carted more than available for any event in the Combo.

B2B | Coupons in Checkout

  • When applying a 100% off coupon to a cart in Backoffice, the total on the right hand side of the screen is zeroed out as expected, however the payment section still reflected the original total and the payment fields were still required. This is now resolved to correctly show $0.00 in the payment section and not require any payment to complete checkout.

  • When a Backoffice agent either navigated away from the cart or changed the event instance in the cart, the coupons would either change name or disappear. This has been fixed and the coupons will correctly remain applied when changing the event instance or navigating out of the cart and back in.

  • When you apply a coupon to a cart that is valid for both a membership being purchased and event(s) in the cart, the coupon applies to the membership purchase and the event tickets will be discounted from the membership benefits (if eligible). However, we uncovered an issue if you then remove the membership from the cart, the coupon was not correctly applied to the event tickets. This is now resolved and the coupon discounts will be applied as expected to the tickets.

B2B | Organization Addresses

When removing a secondary contact that had the same address as the organization or another contact at the organization, the system wrongly deleted the address as well. This is now fixed and the address will always remain when the secondary contact is removed. If the address is no longer valid for the organization, you can then choose to remove it as well via Backoffice organization edit.

B2B | Event Template Configuration of Upsells & Dependents

Note: Event upsells and dependencies are accessed by double clicking on an Event Template name from the list

  • When attempting to edit upsells or dependencies, the system displayed a message that the template was locked for editing, even if no one else was accessing it. This is now resolved, and as long as no one actually is editing the template, you will be able to edit as expected. If someone is editing, we clearly display who is editing so you can coordinate with them as needed.
  • We fixed an issue where a high volume of templates caused the Event Template Dependents Configuration page to have trouble loading.

B2B | Flex Pay Schedule

We fixed a bug where previously it was not possible to delete a flex pay schedule from a template.

Salesforce Integration | Organization Primary and Secondary Contacts

We noticed an unexpected issue when viewing contact details for an organization, where the primary contact could inadvertently switch to to a secondary contact during a sync between Salesforce and ACME. We've fixed this to ensure the organization contacts are always properly synced as primary or secondary.

Import/Export | First Export

Previously there was a bug in implementing the Export tool where the first export always failed and required manual intervention by our engineering team. This has been fixed so now the Export tool will work seamlessly when it is run.

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledgebase in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles.



Note: To ensure Backoffice updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.