Membership Info Object

membershipCategoryId (Required)
The published ID of the selected membership category
membershipOfferingId (Required)
The ID of the selected membership offering


pricePointId (Required)
The ID of the selected price point
membershipCards[ ] (Required for checkout: Primary Cardholder)

A list of membership cards. The number of cards may not exceed the limit specified on the offering in backoffice. Requires one primary cardholder with first name, last name, and one of: email, address, or phone number. 

For a full list of membership card fields see Membership Cards. Do not include a constituent import id field unless a matching customer already exists. 

isGift (Boolean)
If the membership is a gift, mark as true. If so, gifterInfo is required.
  • true
  • false
gifterInfo (Required when isGift is true)

A Customer object representing the gift giver. 

You may either search for an existing customer and use that object, or create a new customer for the gifter.  

In order to create a new customer you must populate Customer Source, First, Last and one of (email, address, phone).  


If the membership is a gift, setting this flag will send a correspondence to the gift recipient.

Setting the flag to False will result in the email going to the gift giver

Setting the flag to True will result in the email going to the gift recipient (This is the default behavior if no flag value is set)

  • true
  • false

If the membership is a gift, the gift giver can add a message for the recipient which appears on the member card email, if configured to send in Backoffice.

Note: The gift membership is only used in sending the email at the time of purchase and is not stored in ACME.

Donated in honor of your birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.
isAutorenew (Boolean)

If the membership offering is configured as Auto Renew Optional, setting this flag to true will opt the member into Auto Renew and generate a subscription. 

The default value is false, which will not opt the user into Auto Renew and will not create a subscription.

  • true
  • false

Entitlement Result Object

POST /v2/b2c/entitlements/validate

valid (Boolean)
False means there is a violation in the shopping cart.
  • true
  • false
messages[ ]
List of short descriptions (string format) of violations.
results[ ]
List of detailed results of the validation
violations[ ] 
List of detailed descriptions (Entitlements Result Summary) of the violations