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  • Going to #AAM2023 in Denver? Stop by the ACME booth #1205 in the MuseumExpo and say hello! We'd love to see you in person!
  • Effective Friday, July 7, 2023, all versions of ACME Sales and ACME AC and older will no longer be supported. Do you still have a few inactive devices that are running an unsupported version? Click here for a refresher on how to update your ACME applications.
  • Have questions about ACME versions or current system status? Take a look at the Current System Versions and Status page, plus you can now subscribe to get ACME status updates on our Status Page.
  • Sandbox 10 and Sandbox 15 will receive a data refresh on May 30, 2023.
  • SSL certificate updates. Do you have a branded URL? If so, your SSL certificate will need to be updated before it expires. We will be sending out reminder notices 30 days prior. If you are unsure about your SSL expiration date, contact us for assistance.

ACME Product Release Information

11.27 Release - Coming soon on 5/31/2023!

This release will have a number of long-awaited enhancements! This is the official release of membership auto renew functionality. Additionally, expect to see some upgrades to the latest credit card reader SDK to strengthen device connectivity. Improvements to the POS user experience will be included with a new version of the POS application. We will also release security updates and important bug fixes. Note- due to the Memorial Day holiday, we are releasing on a Wednesday instead of the usual Tuesday.

Other recent releases 

11.26.3 Release - 5/2/2023

11.26.2 Release - 4/18/2023

11.26.1 Release - 4/13/2023

11.26 Release - 3/29/2023

11.25.1 Release - 2/23/2023

11.25 Release - 2/16/2023 

11.24 Release - 1/24/2023 

Save the Date! Q2 2023 Product Webinar

The next ACME Product webinar will be on June 6, 2023.

Stay tuned for further information and a Zoom invitation to learn more about what's going on in product development!

Not sure if you are subscribed to product release info? Opt-in here and select the Release Information checkbox.

Salesforce Integration Improvements

A next-gen ACME/Salesforce integration is in the works!

We are currently planning the future state of the ACME/Salesforce integration. Especially following Salesforce's recent announcement about the new Nonprofit Cloud, we want to ensure that our integration is flexible, includes more data, and allows for customized mapping. We are partnering with Workato to develop the next-gen integration. 

Top reasons for the change:
  1. Flexibility
    • Whether you choose to use NPSP, Standard Salesforce, or the new Nonprofit Cloud, there will be no impact on the integration with ACME. 
  2. More data!
    • Additional API endpoints will be leveraged to access more ACME data, such as donations, forms, and event custom fields.
  3. Configurable mapping
    • You will be able to customize the mapping of ACME data to Salesforce, so you can use the fields that best meet your needs.
  4. Define your own timing
    • Customize the ‘triggers’ that send data to Salesforce, making it possible to set up your own rules for timing or what data qualifies to be sent.

Membership Tips & Tricks

Image is Everything! Membership Level Images

Do you have images loaded on all your membership levels? These images are displayed online on the Membership levels list, and also appear on the confirmation page and in order summary emails, as well as on the member profile page when they verify before renewing. Especially in a unified cart scenario where tickets and a membership are in the same order, having images on all the items makes the email look more consistent and polished. You may want to use a version of your logo across all the levels, or choose a unique image or icon for each level.

Also consider using the level image to display additional information to your members visually. If you have certain levels of membership that are part of a reciprocity program (such as ASTC, NARM, ROAM, etc), consider using an image file that also includes text or icons that reference the reciprocity program to indicate that to members.

When adding or updating your membership level images, our only recommendation is to use the same size ratio as the images used on event templates. This will ensure that whatever items are in the cart or order, the images will display consistently.

If you need help or have questions, just email us for assistance!

Out of the Box Feature: Renewal Offerings & Pricing 

Do you want to offer a discount on renewal to all members who renew before their expiration date as an incentive to maintain their membership status?

Consider configuring an offering at a discounted rate instead of using a coupon code. This allows the offered price to be automatically visible in the cart and members don't have to remember a code before checking out. 

Offerings can be configured to display to renewing members, so you can limit this price reduction to this segment only. This will ensure that a new member or a rejoining member is not able to see or purchase the offer. 

Read more in our guide to Configuring a Built-in Discount for Early Membership Renewals

Recommendation for Raiser's Edge Imports 

To optimize the data integration between ACME and Raiser’s Edge, we recommend that you store the ACME IDs in dedicated fields in your Raiser’s Edge database. This will reduce the risk of data conflicts, especially when database maintenance tasks (such as merging, everyone's favorite task!) could impact historical records.

By creating custom fields in the form of Constituent Aliases and Membership Attributes, you will have the ability to edit the data that is stored in the fields (unlike Import ID fields, which cannot be manually entered or edited).

How to Implement

  1. Configure 2 Alias types and 2 Membership attributes in Raiser’s Edge.

  2. Add these fields to your Raiser’s Edge export that is used to generate files to import to ACME. The expected field headers are:

    • Constituent Export: CnAls_1_01_Alias , CnAls_1_02_Alias

    • Membership Export: ME_AttDesc_1, Me_AttrDesc 2 

  3. Update your import mapping in your ImportOMatic profile that is used to import ACME membership sales data.

    ACME Field from Export File

    Raiser’s Edge Field 


    Customer ID


    Alias: ACME Customer Number


    Do not change this value once defined

    Customer Import ID


    Alias: ACME Customer Import ID


    Do not change this value once defined

    Membership ID 


    Membership Attribute: ACME Membership ID



    Membership Import ID


    Membership Attribute: ACME Membership Import ID


    Do not change this value once defined

    Note: You can still choose to import ACME data into the Constituent Import ID, Constituent ID, Membership Import ID, and Membership ID fields if you prefer OR let Raiser’s Edge auto-generate these values. It will not matter. The new Alias and Attribute fields will be the new reference fields between RE and ACME going forward.

  4. Notify ACME to assist with updating your ACME import mapping before you begin importing Raiser’s Edge data containing the new fields. We will need to update your mapping file to look for the new fields.

Overwhelmed? We are here to help! Contact Support with questions or to schedule a working session to make these changes.

Solution Spotlight: General Ledger Post File Adapter

What is it?

The General Ledger Post File Adapter is a new solution offering that leverages ACME's API to extract daily transactions, apply general ledger account allocation rules, and produce summary and detail output files that you can use to post to your general ledger system. You can specify account allocation rules for the items that are sold in ACME. This may include conditional and split allocations as well as deferred recognition logic.

On a scheduled daily basis, all sales transactions are extracted from ACME through a reporting API, rules are applied to the transactions, and a set of post files is generated and available for download from your browser through a web-based portal.


  • Secure: Access to the portal can be restricted to select users only.
  • Self-Service: In the portal, users can upload a rules file which contains the account logic for various order items sold in ACME.
  • Automated: The adapter will process transactions daily using the current rules file.
  • Flexible: Post files can be downloaded any time. The process can be re-executed on demand if needed.

General Ledger Post File Adapter - Portal:
Sample Rules File: 

When should it be used?

If your organization has complex revenue scenarios that require additional logic and rules for allocating revenue from items that you sell in ACME, this solution can improve your transaction reporting. 

Common scenarios may include:

  • Split allocations for certain ticketed programs
  • Deferred revenue recognition rules for select types of bookings
  • Separating sales tax from tax-inclusive items
  • Reducing the number of reports you currently run to provide transaction details to your accounting team

Ready to implement?

Contact to add this feature to your current ACME subscription. We will work with you to build a rules file to define the allocations for your ACME items and setup access to the new portal. Once this is created, the process can be activated and you will be able to review the output files immediately!

Solution Spotlight: Report Scheduler

What is it?

The Report Scheduler is a new solution offering that leverages ACME's APIs to provide the ability to schedule existing reports to be executed on a recurring basis and email the report results directly to recipients. 

When should it be used?

If you tend to run the same reports on a regular basis with no need to modify the filter criteria each time, the report scheduler can eliminate the need to login to ACME, execute the reports, and download the CSV files.

Some common use cases include:

  • Attendance and Revenue reports for the prior day, month, quarter
  • Weekly YTD summaries
  • Membership sales from prior day or week
  • Ticket buyers and their email addresses to upload to an email marketing system
  • Transaction reports to upload to a data analysis or visualization platform

Ready to implement?

Contact to request a live demo and add this feature to your current ACME subscription. Activation is simple - we will setup your report scheduler portal and provide the hosted URL. From there you can login, select from your existing reports and schedule away!

Partner Spotlight: Humanitru

Our newest CRM integration with Humanitru is natively built to sync all ACME data around ticketing, memberships, and donations to constituent profiles within Humanitru’s Supporter Engagement Platform. Fundraising, marketing, and operations teams can then easily see a holistic view of supporters and make more strategic, data-driven decisions. Through Humanitru, ACME data may also be synced with your accounting system.

We are excited for this new partnership and our first project with Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh!

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledge-base in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles:

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