11.30.1 Release

Production Release Date: Thursday, September 14, 2023

Platforms: Backoffice (B2B) and Online Checkout (B2C)

Release Type: Hotfix

Test Environments: Sandbox 10

Bug Fixes

Online Checkout (B2C) | Auto Renew Messaging in Checkout

For Auto Renew memberships configured as "Optional", members can choose in the cart whether or not they want to opt in. For members that choose not to opt-in, we do not automatically renew their membership or charge their card. In fact, we do not even save a secure token to enable us to charge their card again. This is working as expected. 

However, Auto Renew messaging that says we will renew their membership and charge their card each term was still displaying in checkout for those that did not opt in. While we are hopeful many members choose to Auto Renew, we've made sure no Auto Renew messaging shows in checkout for those that do not opt in.

Backoffice (B2B) | Permission Issues with Memberships

The 11.30.0 Release brought Membership Upgrade and Downgrade to Backoffice (B2B). This code checks the following configuration in Settings › Administration: "Enable upgrades for memberships that originated outside of ACME". This check introduced a bug where B2B expected users to have "Tenant Admin" permission to upgrade memberships, which unfortunately affected all membership sales due to centralized code. 

This has been resolved and your staff that normally has permission to view and sell memberships in Backoffice should all now have their access restored. Should anyone still encounter permission issues, we recommend they perform a hard refresh of their internet browser, as usual after a Backoffice release.

Backoffice (B2B) | Membership Cancellation

The following features from the 11.29.0 Release stopped working with the 11.30.0 Release. These are now back in action:

  • If a membership was originally purchased via a sales channel other than Backoffice, such as online or via ACME Sales, you will now be able to cancel via Backoffice without the error "Invalid Terminal ID".
  • The sales channel now correctly shows as "InsideSalesIndividual", not POS.

Note: To ensure Backoffice updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.