Community Newsletter | Fall 2023 - Issue 12

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Welcome to the ACME Fall edition. We’re serving up a cornucopia of news for your Thanksgiving delight!



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Quarterly Product Webinar - Save the Date!
Register here to attend the quarterly product webinar on Tuesday, November 14th, 11:00 am Pacific Time

The following topics will be covered:
  • 2023 Recap: A look back on the highlights from the year.
  • Product Spotlight: A showcase of new features being released and in the works.
  • Roadmap Plans: Get a glimpse of things on the horizon for 2024.
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Product Releases
11.32.0 Release is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th. 
As we transition into the giving season, we look forward to bringing you improvements focused on memberships and gifting. We're also improving aspects around check-in so you can really keep an eye on attendance. Look for more in our release announcement coming next week!

Other Recent Releases:
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Time Change
Remember to turn your clocks back one hour on November 5th! If you have time-specific reports, take the time change into consideration. Reference article Updating Report Date Ranges During DST Transitions for more information.


Partner Spotlight: Speak Creative 

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 ACME is proud to spotlight our partnership with Speak Creative, a full service marketing agency that has been serving arts & cultural customers for more than 20 years. Speak creates award-winning websites for museums, gardens, aquariums, and zoos that integrate seamlessly with ACME to maximize ticketing, membership, and donation conversions.

Speak is ACME’s preferred web implementation partner and go-to provider for getting ACME up and running online for arts & cultural organizations. From customizing ACME’s White Label interface to developing a completely custom eCommerce front-end, Speak has tiered solutions to meet your needs.

We will also jointly be hosting a webinar in mid-December entitled, "Transform Your E-Commerce Funnels with ACME + Speak." More details to come; we hope you’ll join us!

Learn more about Speak and how they can enhance your ACME 
e-commerce solution.
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Membership Auto Renew Self Service
The holidays are around the corner, and with them is membership drive season! Interested in adopting Membership Auto Renew before the end of the year? We have added a checklist to make it easier to implement Auto Renew to the Membership Auto Renew Resource Center. Please contact your ACME Client Success Manager today to get started!

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Did you know?
eTicket Layout Customization
Did you know know that the eTicket Layout in your Order Confirmation is fully customizable? You can edit a ticket layout to customize the copy, QR codes, or other data points generated for all or some of your eTickets. Check out our guide to learn more!

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Feature Highlights
Pass Ranges
Would you like to allow certain visitors with predefined admission passes the ability to “skip the line” and gain immediate access to your venue without a ticket? Do you have special programs and scenarios where it makes sense to issue a pass instead of a ticket? Consider using Pass Ranges!

Pass Ranges are great for local partnership programs, special seasonal events and even membership guest pass programs. The Pass Ranges feature is configured in ACME Backoffice and allows your organization to upload a series of unique IDs that are scanned directly at the Access Control point.

Here’s how it works::
  • Decide on a range of numbers to issue
  • Create vouchers, printed materials, etc. with the numbers as QR codes or barcodes
  • Use the Pass Ranges tool to set the range, expiration dates, and how many uses the passes receive
  • Distribute your printed material to the recipients
  • Let them skip the line using Access Control to validate the Pass Range numbers!

To set-up Pass Ranges, reference the Configuring Pass Ranges article. To learn more about  Pass Ranges send us an email at support@acmeticketing.com.
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Hardware News
Update iOS17
As of ACME Release 11.31.1, we now support iOS17 for iPhones and iPadOS17 for all iPad models. We highly recommend keeping your devices up-to-date with the latest security and performance improvements.

Ingenico Self/4000
Looking to build a self-service ticketing kiosk for your venue? Be sure to ask us about the Ingenico Self/4000. This device brings all of the capabilities of the EMV readers used by ACME Sales to the kiosk self-service solution.co Self/400

Email support@acmeticketing.com to learn more about available solutions from our preferred partners.

Case Study: Lottery Style Summer Camp 

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WNC Lottery Registration Process for Summer Camp
This year the Western North Carolina Nature Center implemented a lottery style system for summer camp registration. There was a large audience but not enough capacity for the program. The need arose from parents rushing to sign up their children before the camp capacity was reached. The outcome of switching to a lottery style signup was viewed as a net positive by both parents and staff at the Nature Center. Read more >>
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New Knowledgebase Articles
We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledgebase in the ACME Support Portal. Here are a few:

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