On October 1, 2024, the Stripe Verifone P400 reader will reach end of life status and will no longer process payments after this date. If you are currently operating with this device, you will need to replace it with a different model prior to October 1 to continue credit card processing at your POS terminals.

Please plan ahead! The supported device options are below:

US Customers

Ethernet Connectivity

The Ingenico Lane/3000 is designed to manage thousands of transactions per day, with a robust design and high-end keypad. The device is certified and fully compliant with the latest global and local PCI Regulations (PCI PTS 5.x & 6.x). The Telium TETRA OS has been futureproofed with top-of-the-line cryptography software and Ingenico’s world-class peer-to-peer encryption technology to keep data safe.

Price: $500/unit

For wireless POS terminals, there are two options available, depending on your connectivity needs:

WiFi Connectivity

The Ingenico Link/2500 card reader supports your mobile sales terminals with a lightweight design and WiFi connectivity. The device also accepts all payment methods including NFC/Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Price: $440/unit

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Moby/5500 is a compact card reader to facilitate mobile sales with Bluetooth connectivity. This is ideal if your staff is line busting or upselling experiences away from the main ticketing desk where WiFi is not strong. EMV, magstripe and contactless methods are accepted.

Price: $100/unit

Canada Customers

Ethernet Connectivity
For stationary POS terminals. The WisePOS E, manufactured by BBPOS, has a 5 inch display that supports PIN on glass. Similar in size to a smartphone, the WisePOS E can connect to ACME over a local network connection.
Bluetooth Connectivity
For Mobile POS terminals. The WisePad 3, manufactured by BBPOS, is a mobile, battery-powered Bluetooth reader with a display and PIN pad. It supports EMV chip and tap transactions and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. The reader connects to ACME over Bluetooth.

Why is the Verifone P400 reaching End of Life?

Technology is constantly evolving, and the decision to discontinue a product is often required to continue delivering innovative solutions. This card reader is moving to end of life status for Stripe, the underlying payment processor. ACME will continue to support the device until it is no longer supported by Stripe on October 1, 2024.