To validate membership entitlements, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Within the payload include the field "verifyEntitlements": true
    1. Example:
              "verifyEntitlements": true, 
              "membershipId": "4591497",
              "items": [
                  "itemType": "Event",
                  "eventId": "6594494cfd0f3e13c4968b46",
                  "ticketingTypeId": "5ec3186f221490215acdf36c",
                  "quantity": 9
    2. Note: Setting this value to true will trigger entitlement verification when calling the Checkout API. In order to validate entitlements when the items are added to the cart, we recommend step 3
  2. Validate the cart items with the API for Entitlement Validation. This is highly recommended so you can surface the validations sooner to the visitor, before final checkout is attempted 
    1. If any benefits are exceeded, handle accordingly per your design.
    2. If all looks good, let the visitor proceed to checkout.
  3. Then when finally calling the Checkout API, with verifyEntitlements set to true in the included shopping cart, be sure to account for the edge case where entitlement configurations may be updated in Backoffice (B2B) between steps 3 and 4, such that  entitlements are now violated. For example:
    1. A visitor carts a family membership, which is entitled to 5 free General Admission tickets
    2. The visitor then also adds 5 General Admission tickets to their cart. You can validate this quantity with our Entitlement Validation
    3. The visitor then proceeds to checkout. At the same time, one of your staff members updates the entitlement to be only 4 free tickets, due to a change in policy, effective immediately.
    4. Upon entering payment info and tapping checkout, if verifyEntitlements is set to true in the cart, the Checkout API will validate and in this case, will return the info of the limit of 4 free tickets.