General Ledger Adapter 1.1 Release

Production Release Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Platforms: General Ledger Post File Adapter

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

This release includes updates to the General Ledger Post File Adapter solution. If you are interested in adding this feature to your ACME platform usage, please contact


Transactions Tab

  1. Upon logging in to the GL Adapter portal, users will be taken to the Transactions page instead of the Rules page, saving you a click since this is the most frequently used screen.
  2. Column updates
    • Renamed the column “Transaction File Name” to be “Input File”.
    • Added a new column called “Output Files” that contains links to the 3 output files.
    • Renamed the column “Date/Time Downloaded” to be “Date”. This column now only contains the date and time the files were generated. 

Rules Tab

  1. The Status filter at the top of the page has been removed since we now only support one active Rules file.
  2. The button to upload a new Rules file has been renamed to “Upload .csv Rules File” so users easily see that the files must be in .csv format.

Accounts Tab

  1. Added the ability to delete an Account.
  2. Renamed the column “Status” and the “Status” filter at the top to be “Active”.

Bug Fixes

Output Files

  1. We received reports that sometimes the Output files were not automatically generated, which required users to login to the GL Adapter portal and manually process them. This has been addressed and now your Output files are automatically generated each night.
  2. The Output Mapping file had a bug where it was not correctly applying all the rules from the Rules file- specifically the rules for Account, Fund, Subfund, Department, and Program. This has been fixed and now you will see the correct values for these fields in your Mapping Output file per the rules you set up in the Rules file. 
  3. If an item in the Transaction report does not match up to any item in the Rules file, we expect to see a line that reads “Could not be resolved” so that you can easily reconcile. However, this was not happening consistently as expected. The issue has now been resolved. You can find transactions that do not match any rules with the “Could not be resolved” language in the Summary File. 
  4. The time parameters that were used to generate the ACME Transaction Report were being pulled in UTC time instead of your local time. This has been addressed so now the report will be pulled according to your correct time zone. 

Transactions Tab

  1. There was a typo on the “Reprocess & Download” button which has been fixed so now it correctly says “Processing”.
  2. On the “Transaction” tab in the GL Adapter portal, the “Apply Rules File Version” drop down only let you select the active rule file. It has been fixed so now it shows the Rules file that is currently uploaded and active so if you do need to reprocess the files, you know which Rules file will be applied. 

Rules Tab

  1. The ability to download a Rules file did not work consistently. This has been fixed so now the download button always works. 
  2. We previously allowed uploading more than one Rules file at a time but this caused unexpected issues. We now support just one Rules file. When you upload a new one, it will replace the current one and the new file will automatically be marked as “default”.
  3. Previously there was a column that contained data that said either “Yes” or “No” to indicate if the Rules file was default. This has been removed since now we only support one Rules file at a time, which is active by default.

Accounts Tab

  1. The column that contained the “Edit” links was inaccurately named “Fund”. The column name is now “Edit”.